So Many Books, So Little Time

I believe in a human truth: “You are what you read”. You could broaden it to “You are a subset of the ideas that intersect your senses”. This is proved-out in Ogilvy’s “Confessions”… Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow”, Thaler’s “Misbehaving”, and even by the Apostle Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

High School was a synphony of silence for my mind; merely keeping up with the litany of “college-ready” classes was enough to pass the time - leaving me with the perception that there was no remaining time for reading. Sadly, I’m not sure I could convince my past-self to read more. (Who knows my paste ways better than me.) So I make up for lost time these days. Reading replishes my mind - eventually it becomes like water where you dont want to read - you need to read.

(Let’s not forget writing too - but that is a topic for another time.)

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