Neighborhood Movements

Lots of America has been stalled or struggling - Texas has been growing.
“Rural Texas” has, in many places been, even been growing - sometimes due to oil prices coming back - sometimes due to commodities prices coming back.

Here in Dallas, Texas - we have shared in that growth.

  • State Farm
  • Toyota
  • Ever growing and vibrant start-up community

Flash back a few years, 5 years ago I had a favorite neighborhood nearby. I loved saying that 6 of my favorite 10 restaurants in town were all within walking distance in one neighborhood.

It has been very encouraging to see the community embrace this neighborhood. It has been thriving for the last number of years

Recently, I feel like the community is hugging a little too tight.

This neighborhood of bohemian hipsters, artists, and counter culture is where great coffee, art, restaurant, and bars is now flush with Miami-chic high rise condos, upscale & lux clubs and with no stop in sight.

It feels very much like you found an awesome band, you tell all your friends about it, a few enlightened people get it - but most people are confused. And after years of loyalty the band sells out - and their sound changes, they shave their bears, cut their long hair, and sounds very Nashville-sized. You are happy for them - they deserve 2 helpings of a payout. However, there is a real sadness of the loss of your special thing that was amazing and real and with out pretense.